Privacy Policy. Last Updated: July 20, 2014

The following information presents our privacy policy, practices and explain what information and for what purposes will be collected by our service. Service is committed to protecting users data obtained during the use of our website and mobile application.


Please note, you must be 18 years or older in order to register with the service.

1. What information we collect and what we do with it.
Collected and stored information may include the following data:
a) registration and profile information (such as name, email, child's name and birthday)
b) facebook id, including first name, family name and email if logged via facebook
c) the information connected with communication and interaction among users
d) the correspondence you sent to us
e) automatic logs associated with the use of the site by a phone or website
f) in addition we use session cookies for log in, log out process and language selection

Personal information that you give us is used to create your account and allow interaction between you, other users and the service. Additionally, it will allow us to improve this interaction and the quality of services we offer in the future. The above information of personal nature constitute a part of our service and is not sold or disclosed. However, some of the information may be shared with our partners. This applies, for example, to services related to payments and companies engaged in this type of service, and only for that purpose. In the case of advertisers and other partners, we use global and statistical information and your personal information is not disclosed.

2. Is the data secure?
Any information you give us is stored on secure servers in accordance with current market standards. Information relating to payments is encrypted using SSL. Remember that Internet connectivity is not always safe and the information can be accessed through the service. Therefore, you should protect your password to the site and service accordingly. The responsibility for keeping your password safe is on your side. Inform no one about your password and do not "lend" your account. In the case of data loss being an effect of servers or service security breach, we will inform users about the case and take all measures to minimize risk resulting from such an event.

3. Law and international users
Currently, the service runs on servers located in Poland. Therefore, the data of users from other countries may be stored and processed in Poland. Users data may be provided to courts or other government agency, if they are required by law or the situation. If you accept the rules and the privacy policy, you are aware of such possibility and agree to such proceedings.

4. Where can I check the data
At any time, you can check your account information in the Edit Account tab. In case of children in the tabs of the profile editing child's profile.

5. How can I delete my account
At any time, you can close your account. You can do this by pressing Delete the Account in Edit Account tab. Your username or email and child's profile should not be visible for other users. For the purposes of safety and complaints we will keep this information backed up for 120 days prior to their complete removal.

6. Privacy policy against children
Please note, you must be 18 years or older to register with the service. We also advise parents to take an active role in their children's doings on the Internet.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy
If there is a change to the privacy policy and, thus, to the rules associated with the collection or use of collected data, we will inform about it on our site and by sending an email containing information about the changes made. These changes will be visible in the privacy policy section. Changes to this Privacy Policy shall apply from the time we post them on our website. Your continued use of our services will indicate that you accept these changes.

8. Contact
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions that are associated with our privacy policy and service, please contact us using the Contact tab. We will try to replay promptly.